The best way to bring a smile on your loved ones face is a gesture to show that you care. In a fast paced era as ours what could be the optimal answer? A ‘HOLIDAY’ - the perfect way to spend quality time with them at a place where you know that they, as well as you, are pampered to the core and well attended to. We at Meradiva assure to make this possible for all our clients.

Our group specializes in both Inbound and Outbound tours. Based in Dubai, a land geographical blessed with a favorable climate and ease of accessibility with a wide choice of International carriers, our home ground advantage gives us an opportunity to cater to our Inbound Tour clients with an impeccable experience supported by state of the art infrastructure.  For our Outbound Tour clients, be it a desire to enjoy the finest wines of the world or taking that perfect safari drive shot, our team strives to take into consideration every detail of your leisure time anywhere on the globe.  

Your dream is our mission. We are not just your travel consultants or agents. We aim to be the facilitators of your best holiday experiences.

For the value seeking leisure traveler, our leisure options include:

Tailor-made holiday packages (to suit all budgets)

Our holiday experts can create flexible and unique customized holiday packages in places with beautiful landscapes and abundant things to do and see – all aligned to your budget and designed for you have an exceptional vacation discovering history and culture in countries around the world.

Short City breaks

We combine a range of remarkable experiences in dynamic cities across the globe so you can easily explore and experience the best of what the world's best cities have to offer.

Beach escapades

You can have your pick of romantic or family breaks in exotic beach destinations enjoying gorgeous coastlines or participating in diverse water-based activates like kite-surfing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and more.

Culinary tours

For food enthusiasts and amateur chefs, we have a range of culinary tours so you can indulge in memorable gourmet cuisine and learn about the techniques, ingredients and ancient recipes that make gastronomic journeys simply unforgettable.

Wildlife safaris

Enjoy the fascinating gifts of nature and the excitement of observing animals in their natural habitat with our wildlife safari packages. Choose from stunning destinations and National Parks that never fail to surprise.

Sports Travel

Whether you're a golfing pro or a skiing aficionado, our range of sports holiday destinations will ensure you'll be in top form and have simultaneously fabulous and relaxing vacation with beautiful sceneries.


Our portfolio of cruises enables you experience the best sea voyages to exotic locales in luxury liners. Each escapade capitalizes on the best of scenic destinations, gourmet dining options, onboard and onshore exciting activities across several famous cruise lines.

Escorted Coach Tours

Coaches are the most convenient mode of transportation for those who cherish ground journeys with a group of loved ones. We arrange for guides to escort you across destinations, making sure you to places in a timely and pleasant manner.

Rail journeys

our network of systems and agents will ensure that even your railways and metro bookings are taken care of on every journey. To make things easier and to cover every circumstance, you will be provided with a train schedules and subway maps as well as alternative options.